Elite Sport renews its support for the marathon Pamplona – Puente La Reina (P2P)

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Once again, Elite Sport is sponsoring the VII International Skating Marathon Pamplona Puente La Reina to be held on September 13, 2015.

Elite Sport has supported this event in all its editions.

Pedro Sarasibar, partner of Elite Sport, highlights:

The P2P is more than a marathon. It is an illusion of a large group of people that started many years ago to take skating outside the ring and show it to the public, without seeking any other purpose or personal benefit in return. The skating world overturned and Elite Sport had, and has, to be in it. For this reason we support and will continue doing so; skating has given us everything and we want to be part of this goal.

Elite Sport today is a sponsor of two important events in the skating national calendar: the National League and the International Marathon Pamplona-Puente La Reina. Both events have brought new things to skating and have contributed to the development of the sport.

The League is a challenge for the speed skating teams. It requires to have a significant number of people fighting for the first position. The P2P is a chance: once a year skaters of all levels, Pro’-s and fitness and have the opportunity to mix, share competition and overcome their personal challenge. It is a motivation for the skater. It would be a dream that one day P2P would become the most important race in the international calendar and for sure, it would be a pleasure to have been part of it.

Élite Sport

Elite Sport started back in 1998 as a sportive and life project of two athletes with a great track record and experience in high-level international competition, Pedro Sarasibar and Garikoitz Lerga.

The place is unique and you can feel the passion for skating in every corner of the store. Committed to skating and the enactment of all its values: excellence, respect, friendship, competitiveness, … These values and their experience guide their way of working and give advice to the skater and cover their expectations, goals and dreams.

Located on Avenida Rioja 6 Rear they will cooperate this year in delivering the numbers for the race the day before the marathon. All participants can pass by to pick up their numbers and avoid the queues on Sunday. Opening hours on Saturday September the 12th from 10:00 to 13:30 and 17:00 to 20:00.


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