Full P2P (Zubiri – Pamplona – Puente): if a skater enrols for both stages the price will be reduced in relation with enrolling both separated: 45€ until 30th june, 53€ until 28th august and 67€ until 4th september.

1st stage (Zubiri – Pamplona): 22€ until 30th june, 27€ until 28th august and 34€ until 4th september.

2nd stage (Pamplona – Puente la Reina): 32€ until 30th june, 37€ until 28th august and 47€ until 4th september.

Registration task includes a commemorative T-shirt of P2P2020

Extra services:

  • Bus to Zubiri for skaters (first stage): 3€
  • Bus to go back to Pamplona for participants (second stage): 3€*
  • Bus  for relatives (both stages): 6€/each relative/each stage.
  • P2P Lunch in Zubiri for skaters before the start of the first stage: 12€

*Bus to Zubiri (1st stage) and bus back to Pamplona (2nd stage) for participants is an extra service because not all participants use it. This is a way to not making participants paying for the bus back to Pamplona in case they do not use it, and not leaving empty buses.

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