Individual / Groups: 19€ first 100 enrolled people, 23€ until 24th June, 28€ until 28th August and 38€ until 5th September.

10 people groups or more: 19€ first100 enrolled people, 21€ until 24th June, 26€ until 28th August and 36€ until 5th September.

Registration task includes a commemorative T-shirt of P2P2018

Extra services:

  • Bus to go back to Pamplona for participants: 4€*
  • Bus Pamplona – Puente la Reina Puente la Reina – Pamplona for relatives: 4€/each relative.
  • Commemorative medal P2P2018: 3€**

*Bus back to Pamplona for participants is an extra service because not all participants use it. This is a way to not making participants paying for the bus back to Pamplona in case they do not use it, and not leaving empty buses.

**Commermorative medal P2P2018 is an extra service because not all participants want it but some participants have asked about them during the last editions of P2PMarathon. This is a way to not increasing the price of the registration task for those who do not want a medal, and people not throwing medals away.

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