1. What level do I need in order to enjoy the course?

The course requires a medium technical level. This means that if you control your skates and you are in good shape, you will enjoy. Otherwise, we recommend you to keep on skating so that you can participate next year.

2. Is this race good for me?

Of course, the biggest challenge will be the downgrades but considering that you are not skating for winning the prize you can take them easy and enjoy the marvelous route. You will have supportive vehicles available.

3. Will there be a support bus in case I need to drop out?

Yes, the bus will pick up all skaters dropping out. We do still not know how much time the Foral Policy will grant us for skaters, but In case it is too short for you, you will be able to improve next time. From Berriro Ere we encourage you to take part in the course, regardless how much distance you are able to skate in your first time because you will enjoy so much of this open route with a fantastic landscape as you go over.

4. Can I run with a backpack?

Yes you can but remember, weight will make your race harder. S me sneakers might be helpful sometimes.

5. Are protections compulsory?

Helmet is compulsory. Gloves and protections for knees, elbows and wrist are not compulsory but yes recommended.


There is no need to belong to a federation, in fact all participants have an insurance  in the charge of the organization.

7. I have more questions, how can I adress them?

Should you not find the information requiered in the website please send us an email and we will help you.

From Berriro Ere we recommend to every  fitness skater  to participate in this race. Please notice the effort we are making to include you in a race that in a time was for speed skaters. Our philosophy is to look for more races like this one , trying to connect speed and fitness.

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