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1st Stage

Zubiri – Pamplona


Distance: 21,7 Km.
Date: Sunday September the 12th 2020
Start: 17:00 p.m. France road, Zubiri
Refreshment stations: Km. 11,1 (Zabaldika)
Bonus sprint: Km. 11,1 (Zabaldika)

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2nd Stage

Pamplona – Puente la Reina


Distance: 42,195 Km.
Date: Sunday September the 13th 2020

Start: 10:00 a.m
Refreshment stations: Ororbia, Ciriza and Orendain
Bonus sprint: Ororbia (Km. 14.5) and Ciriza (Km. 22)
Mountain pass line: Alto de Orendáin (Km. 34.9)

Number’s picking up:

The organisation shall report on the places and times of collection of numbers.

Out of control times

Skaters are having 1hour 30minutes to finish the first stage, and 2hours and 30minutes to finish the second stage, it supposes a medium speed of XXkm/h for the first stage, and 16,8km/h for the second one. These are the out of control times:

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Kilometer Place Out of control times
0 SALIDA: Zubiri
2,8 Urdaniz 17:11 pm
5 Larrasoaña 17:19 pm
7,9 Zuriain 17:30 pm
11,1 Zabaldika 17:42 pm
13 Oioki 17:49 pm
14,7 Huarte 17:55 pm
16,4 Villava 18:02 pm
17,4 Burlada 18:05 pm
21,7 META: Pamplona 18:32 pm


[mk_table title=»Pamplona – Puente la Reina»]

Kilometer Place Out of control times
0 SALIDA: Pamplona
4 Rotonda «Asmovil» 10:18 am
6,3 Entrada a Zizur Mayor 10:28 am
11 Cruce de Paternain 10:45 am
14,7 Ororbia 10:59 am
19,5 Etxauri 11:23 am
22,4 Ciriza 11:30 am
26,9 Cruce al pueblo de Belascoain 11:41 am
35,4 Alto de Orendain 12:09 am
42,195 META: Puente la Reina 12:30 am



We show you the profile of both stages of P2P

1st stage from Zubiri to Pamplona

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2nd stage from Pamplona to Puente la Reina

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Starting line

Finish line

Intermediate sprint

Mountain pass line

Liquid provisioning

Solid and liquid provisioning
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