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There are direct daily flights to Madrid and trains with daily connections to cities in the northern half of the country. If travelling to the south it’s best to go via Madrid. The road network is radial and converges in Pamplona, from where the main routes leave towards the rest of the autonomous community.

If arriving in Navarre without a car you can get around using the local buses. There are good connections to the southern half of the region and less frequent services towards the towns of the Pyrenees. You can always take a taxi or rent a car for more convenience.


Road Network

Downloadable road map of Navarre with connections from Pamplona to other destinations in Spain


Useful information and destinations from Pamplona, Bilbao, Biarritz, Vitoria and Zaragoza airports.


Regional and national services from Pamplona. Main destinations and bus companies.


A large number of taxi companies allow you to reach small villages that are not on public transport routes.


Direct trains from Pamplona and useful information about reservations and ticket sales.

Car Rental

Contact information of car rental companies (with or without driver) to discover Navarre at your leisure.


If you’re coming to Navarra in a motorhome or some other type of campervan, then you need to consider whether you simply want to stop or park your vehicle, or whether you want to camp.

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