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From Pamplona to Puente la Reina

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P2P’s route makes a big impact in skaters.
The marathon will start in Pamplona’s city center, Plaza del Castillo.
It goes through the most important streets of the city until reaching Zizur Mayor.
We will cross Zizur Mayor and start passing by outstanding natural landscape and rural places.
Before reaching Puente la Reina, we will go through Gazolaz, Paternain, Ororbia, Ibero, Etxauri, Ziriza, Etxarri, Belaskoain and Artazu.
Along the course you will find two refreshment stations.
Two intermediate sprints in Ororbia and Ziriza and one mountain pass line in Alto de Orendain, in between Belaskoain and Artazu, provide some of its hardness to the route.
The finish line is located in Paseo de los Fueros de Puente la Reina, approximately in the 16.730 PK of the route NA-1110 Galar-Viana.
The course will take about one hour for the most experienced skaters and about two hours for the rest.
In case you drop out for any reason or you get out of the race for time reasons, you will always have a bus to pick you up.
See below more details of the route.
Exists, finishing and transit zones are also detailed below. The rest of the areas have no difficulty that could lead to any confusion.

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Surrounded by nature

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The race was similar to a cycling race: point to point route, intermediate sprints and mountain pass lines. historia

38 kilometers, incredible environment and landscape and the progressive hardness of the course as you are going on.

This first edition created a lot of expectation and a different way of practicing speed skating.

The course was hold six more times until 1999 when Dirdari stopped with organizing it due to the difficulty of getting funds and sponsorship to support it.

It was 2009 when Berriro Ere I.T., inspired by that course, organized the first International Pamplona-Puente la Reina Marathon.

Same principle for the course and some changes

  • Modification of the original route to start in Plaza del Castillo (Pamplona’s city center), cross the city until Cizur Menor and Zizur Mayor so that it would become a marathon; ie. 42 km.
  • Registration open For fitness skaters so that they could also face the challenge that this beautiful route and landscape presents.

All skaters in Navarra were passionate about the idea and supported the international marathon with volunteers from all the clubs.

Since then, we keep on organizing the Pamplona Puente la Reina International Marathon, the hardest in the world.

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Alberto Alemán (Marianistas ,ESP)

01:09:19 (P2P2013)



Laetitia Le Bihan (RPM Poli , FRA)

01:15:31 (P2P2010)



Prize record P2P – Pescados SofíaPescadosSofia

Every year the company Pescados Sofía offers a prize of 150€, for both the men’s and women’s categories, to the skater who breaks the marathon record. If nobody breaks the record, the prize is added to the amount for the following year.


Captura de pantalla 2014-04-02 a la(s) 20.00.07

Berriro Ere I.T. is a speed skating club created at the end of 2008 by Ion Navarro, Iosu Saldise and Daniel Muro. All of them former skaters from different skating teams in Navarra.

The club is open to all those skaters over 18 that, like the founders, look for a way to train and race compatible with the familiar and work commitments that you acquire at a certain age.

The purpose of Berriro Ere I.T. is giving to skaters the possibility to train in some of the tracks of Pamplona and to participate in courses.

Recovering the Pamplona Puente la Reina Marathon for skaters and making it an international Marathon was the other reason why Berriro Ere I.T. was created.

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