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The international skating marathon Pamplona – Puente la Reina is organized by a group of skaters from Berriro Ere I.T.’s team.

All the people from the skating family in Navarre get fully involved and support the marathon with volunteers from all the local teams. This allows us, among other things, to keep the route open long enough to ensure that every skater can enjoy the marathon all the way to the finish line.

Berriro Ere I.T. is a speed skating club created at the end of 2008 by Ion Navarro, Iosu Saldise and Daniel Muro. All of them former skaters from different skating teams in Navarra.

The club is open to all those skaters and ex-skaters over 18 that, like the founders, look for a way to train and race compatible with the familiar and work commitments that you acquire at a certain age.

The purpose of Berriro Ere I.T. is giving to skaters the possibility to train in some of the tracks of Pamplona and to participate in courses.

Recovering the Pamplona Puente la Reina Marathon for skaters and making it an international Marathon was the other reason why Berriro Ere I.T. was created

Also, at P2P we are into inclusion and social responsibility in taking into consideration environmental guidelines, promoting social change in attitudes, values and behaviours needed to make progress toward sustainability and genre equality. All of that with some help of different associations and departments of Navarre’s Government.

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