1. All skaters, by registering, accept the conditions of the regulations imposed by the organization.
  2. To participate in P2P there is no need to belong to a federation.
  3. To participate in the P2P Pamplona – Puente Skate Marathon, skaters must turn 15 in the year of the edition they wish to participate in. The categories are Junior (15 to 19 years), Senior (20 to 35 years), U40 (36 to 39 years), U50 (40 to 49 years), U60 (50 to 59 years) and O60 ( 60 onwards).
  4. Skaters under 18 run with permission from their guardians, the latter being responsible of any circumstances that may occur to their wards.
  5. With registration for the race, the skaters are declared to be in an optimal state of health and physical condition necessary to take part in the race.
  6. The registration fee includes accident insurance and civil liability.
  7. All skaters must attend the delivery of numbers in the place and time arranged. They should carry a valid ID.
  8. Skaters who have not collected their number before the start of the marathon, will not be allowed to participate in the race.
  9. Allowed skates: quads (or traditional) type and inline. Within the inline skate configurations of 3, 4 or 5 wheels will be allowed. The maximum accepted wheel diameter will be 125mm.
  10. All skaters must be in the starting line fully equipped and with skating material in perfect condition. The use of integral helmet is compulsory while in the route of the race.
  11. Sponsored skaters can run with his clothing.
  12. The number must be clearly visible on the external side of the left leg.
  13. All participants must attend the advice and instructions of the judges and staff of the organization.
  14. It is allowed to use the slipstream between skaters provided there is no contact between them.
  15. It is prohibited to get help by any means (grab / crawl / being pushed by another skater, motorbike, bicycle, car …). Skaters having this kind of behavior may be disqualified and removed from the marathon.
  16. All skaters must respect the route marked by the organization.
  17. During the entire race, all skaters and skaters must wear the chip which will be delivered at the time of collection of the race-bib and placed as indicated by the organisation, otherwise they will be disqualified from the race.
  18. There is a total time of 1 hour and 30 minutes to complete the first stage 21k (Zubiri – Pamplona) and 2 hours and 30 minutes to finish the second 42k (Pamplona -Puente)
  19. The organization sets out of control times for skaters who do not perform the race at the minimum speed required. The times will be published previously. The judge placed on the bus broom ensures compliance of timing and will ask skaters who are out to take the bus.
  20. Skaters who withdraw from the race must take the bus to qualify for prizes or gifts that gives away the organization.
  21. The organization is not responsible for the skaters that even being warned do not get on the bus. In this case you will not be covered by the insurance
  22. Skaters who do not finish the marathon, will be listed in the ranking as retired.
  23. At the awards ceremony, it will be mandatory the attendance of skaters who were entitled to it, wearing their official equipment. In other case they will not be allowed access to the podium to withdraw prizes.
  24. The organization is not responsible for any situations or damage caused by negligent or reckless behavior of skaters.
  25. The organization declines all responsibility in case of accident, both when travelling and while in competition.
  26. The organization requests all participants, not to throw paper, bottles or garbage to the ground. We kindly ask to use the bins along the route and in the finish area. In case that can be proved that a skater has thrown intentionally any bottle far from the allowed points, involved skaters will be prohibited to participate on next edition of the marathon.
  27. The organisation reserves the right to amend the regulations, where certain organisational or safety requirements so require, and all skaters must be notified in advance
  28. The organization reserves the right to change the route, distance, awards, dates and times of the marathon if necessary.
  29. The organization does not ensure the refund of the registration fee in case of non-participation.
  30. Registration fees shall be refundable only 20 days before the test and upon presentation of legal medical documentation.
  31. The organisation may postpone and even suspend the test, and does not undertake to refund the registration fee, in the event that the race is not carried out for reasons of force majeure external to the organisation (earthquakes, pandemics, terrorist attacks etc.). Those who have a race bib, prior to this decision, will have advantageous conditions for future editions.
  32. The organization reserves the right not to allow registration to those skaters who may suppose a risk to other participants.
  33. At the time of acceptance of registration, the participants expressly consent to the transfer of their own image, worldwide, by images or videos obtained during the event, even for commercial purposes specific to the organization.
  34. As a result of its registration and registration in the test, the organisation may publish the name, surname, provenance, category, race number and club of each skater and skater
  35. The audiovisual material of the organization may be used by judges to make appropriate decisions on possible claims.
  36. Those skaters that participates only in one of the stages will sume for the general raking two hours, in case they do not participate in first stage, and three in case they do not participate in second stage.
  37. All skaters understand that they participate voluntarily and under their responsibility in the test and therefore exempt the organisation of the test from any responsibility
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