The course has an Accidents Insurance for all skaters, so there is no need to be an  affiliated skater. Sponsored skaters are allowed to participate with his clothes.

The race also has a Public Liability Insurance and an Accidents insurance for  volunteers.

Bag’s transport

The organization will pick up participant’s bags of those participants that want it,  from Zubiri to Pamplona at the first stage, and from Pamplona to Puente la Reina at  the second stage.

Bags should be left at the prepared area to 45 minutes before the start of both  stages.

The pickup of the bags after the stage will be at Plaza del Castillo of Pamplona at the  first stage, and at Plaza de los Fueros of Puente la Reina at the second stage at de  prepared areas.


P2P has a shower service both in Pamplona at the end of the first stage, and in  Puente la Reina at the end of the second one.


At both stages there is a bus service that costs 3€ each stage that should be pay at the inscription (It is not an obligatory service, only participants that will need it should select it).

During the first stage de transfer service is to pick up the participants to Zubiri to start the stage and in the second one it is to come back from Puente la Reina to Pamplona when the race finishes.

There is also a bus for relatives (6€). At the first stage the bus takes you so you can have lunch with the skaters and brings you back to Pamplona after having seen the race’s start or at 15.30 so you can see the arrival at the finish line. Because of the race’s characteristics there is no possibility to see both start and end.

At the second stage there is a bus for relatives that picks them up when the bunch starts the race and take them to Puente la Reina. When the race finishes they take the same bus than the skaters to go back to Pamplona.

Bus’ service has an extra charge because years ago, when it was for free, people used to ask for a place on it and almost the 50% of them did not use it, so there were empty buses.

We remember the relatives that, because of the characteristics of the first stage there is no possibility to see both, start and arriving at Pamplona.

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1st stage

Zubiri – Pamplona

(Autobuses a la Salida para PARTICIPANTES)


Hour: 11:45, 13:15 and 14:45 (limit of 200 skaters in every bus)

Departure: Antoniutti Park next to Plaza Juan XXIII

Price: 3€[/mk_fancy_title][mk_table title=»bus for relatives (6€)»]

Time 11:45, 13:15 and 14:45 15:30 or 17:05
Starting point Antoniutti Park next to Plaza Juan XXIII


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2nd stage

Pamplona Puente la Reina

(Come back buses for PARTICIPANTS)


Hour: 14:00

Departure from Paseo de los fueros near the finish line of P2P.

Price: 3€[/mk_fancy_title][mk_table title=»bus for relatives (6€)»]

Time 10:05 14:00
Starting point Naves de Tolosa street at the height of the cafeteria of the Hotel 3 Reyes Paseo de los fueros next to the arrival of P2P



On saturday 14th of september, at Zubiri’s sport centre there will be three lunch  rounds, of 70 participants each one.

The first one will be at 13:00

The menu’s price is 12€ and it consists of starters, main courses and desserts to choose.

This lunch can be requested only when doing the registration for the race, choosing  both the time for lunch and the second course. You can also indicate any alimentary  problem to be taken into consideration.


From P2P we purpose you to visit Navarra, a diversity kingdom that goes a long way.  The contrast sceneries gives us from large forests to desert sceneries. It’s geographic  diversity offers us incredible raw material and an exquisite gastronomy.

The rich  History left us an interesting artistic and cultural legacy. This is the reason why it is  not easy to choose, but we propose you some experiences at the EXTRAS’ section  that you can not let them go. We hope you enjoy them.



Finish line


Bag’s picking up, provisioning, etc





Awards ceremony


Return bus
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