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[mk_fancy_title color=»#ffffff» size=»25″ font_weight=»bold» margin_bottom=»18″ font_family=»none» align=»center»]THANKS TO ALL THE HELP FROM ALL THE VOLUNTEERS WE CAN ORGANIZE THE P2P EVERY YEAR[/mk_fancy_title]

The P2P team works during all the year to organize this sports event,

Nevertheless, all that could not be possible without the help from all the volunteers. For all skaters enjoying the ideal conditions we count on 250 volunteers.

During last year we have been working with different associations from the region of Pamplona, such as: LEVÁNTATE CONTRA EL BULLYING, BRAZAS DE SUPERACIÓN, ACCIÓN CONTRA LA TRATA, CHILDREN OF AFRICA BARAÑÁIN y ASVONA. They conduct different works the event day and the P2P gives them help back so the can develope in a more easy way their project.

Besides the associations we count on the help of people related or not with the skate world that want to give their little help so we can enjoy this race. The P2P organizing group, motorcyclist, on foot volunteers, sanitary people, etc, we all participate in an altruistic way in the organization and development of P2P.

If you belong to an association or if individually you want to participate this way in the P2P, do no doubt to contact us.

Without the help of all volunteers, the P2P would not be possible!


If you want to came as a volunteer, contact as at INFO@BERRIROERE.ORG


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